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We employ insight and intelligence to develop digital marketing strategies which bring you closer to your target audience.
Our strategy is built around your business objectives and encompasses specialist digital activities such as search marketing, paid advertising, content marketing and social media. Each element works together to inform and engage with those who matter most to your business. In doing so, valuable opportunities are created and the best possible return on investment is realised.


We're all familiar with those big market brands, and we all know that big brands mean big business. At Concepts Guru, we want to give you that same big brand makeover to make you feel extra special. You don't have to go global to benefit from a bit of brand magic. Even the smallest business can profit from a few simple changes. Bringing you consistency, professionalism and respectability; show pride in your business by presenting a constant image. Whether it's a logo, colour scheme or symbol, our experienced team can work with you to create the brand you've always dreamed of. Let the world see your company values and start getting the recognition your business deserves. Unleashing your new image, we can add your brand identify to a range of printed products. From letter heads to business cards and plenty more, we'll print you a branded package to be proud of. Once you have your branded products, you can begin providing customers with the positive brand experience they've been waiting for.

Social Media

The modern marriage of technology and social interaction has led to a new age of social media. Allowing users to show their interests and share their thoughts at a touch of a button, social media is the new big thing in the online revolution. With so many ways to get online, users can login anytime, anywhere and connect with what their friends and family are talking about. Recently, business bods have seen the possibilities of this growing market and created their own sites, applications and sharing potentials. At Concepts Guru, we want to bring you a new world of online possibilities so check out what social media can do for you.

Facebook Pages

If you're looking to create an app, then a Facebook page is a perfect addition. Forming the basis of the Facebook world, a Facebook page can be a great step into this community, even if you're not ready for creating those bigger apps. Enabling you to connect with users worldwide, a Facebook page allows you to share your updates, events and photos as well as participating in online conversations. Your business can be part of this social venture and start linking with customers through their social media pages.


Like Facebook friends, Twitter allows you to 'watch' whoever and whatever you may be interested in. Providing updates or 'tweets', followers of the most popular tweeters can reach into the millions. Tweets are text based posts from users that are then displayed on their profile page. Publicly visible, these tweets can be followed and viewed by other users and the user may themselves have followers, creating a social online community. Including individuals, celebrities and businesses, Twitter is quickly becoming the new big thing in social networking. With users often having accounts on multiple social media sites, Twitter is a force not to be ignored. Boosting an estimated 190 million users creating 65 million tweets per day, the interest of celebrities have certainly had a positive influence on this site's popularity.

Email Marketing

When you know customers are smiling about your services or purring about your products, why not keep them updated with your latest news and merchandise. Email marketing allows those happy shoppers and curious searchers to subscribe to your mailing list. Creating a comprehensive list of interested parties has brilliant benefits. Enabling you to send newsletters, updates and product information, customers are always able to 'opt out' if they no longer wish to receive information for your site. Our super statisticians at Concepts Guru can provide in-depth information on how many customers 'opened' your update, clicked through to your website or those who have sent it straight to the spam box. With so many difficult decisions to make in business, make sure that choosing between newsletters isn't one of them.

SMS Marketing

SMS is highly effective for reaching out to customers. SMS messages are likely to be opened within just five minutes of being received. This makes SMS great for appointment reminders, limited time contests and coupon promotions.You can finally start texting your customers (with their permission of course) without feeling like a spammer. It’s true! We recently did a study to learn how people really feel about receiving text messages from businesses and the results shocked us. Let’s break down each part of the survey and get some insight before you start your next SMS marketing campaign.

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What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to various and different promotional techniques deployed to reach customers via digital technologies.
Digital marketing is embodied by an extensive selection of service, product and brand marketing tactics, which mainly use the Internet as a core promotional medium, in addition to mobile and traditional TV and radio.
Digital marketing is also known as Internet marketing, but their actual processes differ, as digital marketing is considered more targeted, measurable and interactive.

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